1. Observer teacher's details, subjects and class times on teachers menu(https://www.etutorr.com/teachers)
  2. Sign up with Etutorr.com
  3. We will send you the relevant subject Zoom link, id and pwd to your WhatsApp number
  4. If you are satisfied, then make the payment from the second day(monthly charges (4 weeks)
  5. Upload the Bank Slip through your etutorr.com account or WhatsApp us
  6. From the second day, after the payment verification we will send the Zoom link, meeting id and password to your WhatsApp number/email 30-60 minutes before the class starts. Then you can attend to the class.

Sample teaching video clips from our Zoom online classes.

English sample teaching video

Biology 2022 sample teaching video

English Revision for Grade 11 sample teaching video